Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, so we figured it would be the perfect time to reflect on the most important relationship in all of our lives: the relationship we have with our bikes.




Owning a motorcycle isn’t about a piece of paper that says it’s yours… it’s about love. Real motorcyclists don’t just own their motorcycles, they’re deeply committed to them – to riding them, maintaining them, working on them, and sometimes even treating them better than their significant other. It isn’t always fair for the people who are in love with a motorcyclist, but that’s just the way it is.


Whether you’ve been riding your whole life or are just starting out, you’ll be able to relate to every single one of these reasons why we all LOVE to ride:



It’s our Passion


“Riding a bike is like an art, something you do because you feel something inside.”

– Valentino Rossi


Nobody buys a motorcycle because it’s more economical or because it’ll save them time in traffic. They might say that’s why they got it, but if they’re being honest it’s because they had a deep yearning in their heart to experience the world on two wheels. Anyone who actually buys a motorcycle because they think it’ll save them a couple of extra dollars or minutes doesn’t end up keeping their bike for very long. And that’s because riding is an experience that HAS TO come from a place of love. A place of passion.



For the freedom


“Freedom is an open road and two wheels.”

– Anonymous


There’s nothing like the ability to just jump on your bike and go wherever the road may take you. Rides that go on for hours with no destination in mind are some of the best, because it’s on those rides that we realize how truly free we are. There’s no demands on our time, no expectations, just the twist of the throttle and the black top disappearing beneath the rubber of our tires.



For the thrill



“On a cycle, the frame is gone. You’re completely in contact with the world around you. You’re in the scene, not just watching it anymore, and the sense of presence is overwhelming.”

– Robert M. Pirsig


Riding is exciting. It’s an extremely visceral experience. There’s nothing between you and the world around you except your wits, your experience, and the machine between your legs. It’s a thrill unlike any other. It’s one of those things where if you don’t ride, you’ll never know, but if you do ride, you already understand better than words could ever describe.



For the community


“Riding isn’t just a hobby, it’s a brotherhood.”

– Anonymous


The moment you buy a motorcycle you’re inducted into one of the largest, most welcoming, and friendly communities in the country. Bikers get a bad rep for being mean, tough, and unforgiving. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Riding is a brotherhood, and while each of us may prefer a certain brand, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you ride or even how long you’ve been riding. If you’re riding today, you’re in.



For the stress release


“When life gets complicated… ride.”

– Anonymous



It’s a well-known joke among riders that you’ll never see a motorcycle parked outside a psychiatrist’s office. Not because there’s anything wrong with therapy, but because our therapy involves two wheels and an open road. It makes us feel energized and refreshed, and most of all, it reminds us who’s really in control. For most riders, there isn’t anything in life that can’t be fixed, any problem that can’t be overcome after a long, difficult ride.




For fun

“It takes 17 muscles to smile but only 7 to twist the throttle.”

– Anonymous


We can wax poetic about motorcycles and what it’s like to ride them all day long, but when it comes down to it, they’re insanely fun. Getting your first motorcycle is the adult version of when you got your first bike as a kid. The excitement and joy you feel is indescribable. Even if you aren’t the type to pop a wheelie or speed into the triple digits, riding a motorcycle is fun. Every. Single. Time.




For the time it gives us to ourselves


“The reason I’m drawn to riding is that it takes a lot for me to quiet my brain and anything that requires 100% of my attention and focus I find very soothing. It is the closest I get to being content.”

– Dax Shepard


Riding is an escape. In less than an hour you can be miles away from everyone and everything that’s constantly placing demands on you. It’s the best way we know to reclaim our time and refresh our spirits. If the people in your life truly love you, they won’t take it personally when you need to get on your bike and just go.





Because it’s badass


“Motorcycling is not, of itself, dangerous. It’s however, extremely unforgiving of inattention, ignorance, incompetence, or stupidity.”

– Anonymous


No one notices the cagers in their beige-colored minivans. Sometimes you look inside and it seems like they don’t even notice themselves. But everyone sees the bike ripping down the road. It’s bad-ass and envy-inducing. People often mistake bad-ass for dangerous, but real riders know the difference and every single rider out on the road right now is a true blue bad-ass.




Because it’s just who we are


“It’s not WHAT you ride, but simply THAT you ride.
It’s not how fast you go, it’s about enjoying the ride.
It’s not when you started riding, it’s whether or not you’re riding today.”

– Anonymous


We love riding because it’s who we are. We can’t imagine living any other way, nor would we want to. Riding is in our blood. It’s the food we eat. The air we breathe. We ride because we can’t NOT ride. We ride because a bike-less life isn’t much of a life in our eyes. The love of riding keeps us going, and it won’t die until we do.