Charitable Giving is at the Heart of the Biker Community

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To the public, the biker community is many things. Some things are not very positive, like the outlaw biker community portrayed in TV shows (Sons…

Daytona Bike Week Spans Decades

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Some call it adventure; bikers call it a way of life. A big part of motorcycle culture is the decades-old tradition of Daytona Bike Week.…

Biker Friendly Places Around Florida

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Are you looking to find new places to unwind with your friends? Or maybe you’re trying to make new friends in the biker community! These…

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Florida Biking Community is a community website dedicated to providing an all-in-one resource to the Florida motorcycle community. We strive to provide our readers with the most up to date laws, motorcycle licensing requirements, safety information, current events and even new mapped rides.

Our goal is to provide Florida motorcyclists with a forum to communicate, stay up-to-date and promote local motorcycle events!

If you’ve got an idea or something you’d like to see covered on our site, let us know.

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