Indian Motorcycle, founded in Springfield, MA in 1901, is well known as America’s oldest motorcycle company. But did you know the company was originally called Hendee Manufacturing Company? Although successfully manufacturing bikes worldwide in the early 1900s, both for early racing and supplying the U.S. Army with bikes during World War 1, Hendee ultimately decided to rebrand and renamed the company to The Indian Motorcycle Company in 1923. According to, four bikes shaped the company’s early success. The first V-Twin factory race bike in 1906, Indian Scout in 1920, the Indian Chief in 1922, followed by the Indian Ace, released after Hendee’s acquisition of the Ace Motor Corporation in 1922.

After several early years of success in the industry, several changes in ownership led Indian Motorcycle in a downward spiral and forced a halt to production of all models in 1953. Many shaky years followed but finally ended when Polaris Industries acquired the Indian Motorcycle Company in 2011. And just like that, they were back on the map…and the road.

Today, a wide variety of bikes are manufactured by Polaris at the Indian Motorcycle factory in Spirit Lake, Iowa. And just recently, the company announced some exciting news regarding their stylish 2023 line-up.

Replacing the FTR S for 2023 is the new FTR Sport, featuring a new tank panel design and available in Black Metallic with Indy Red accents and White Lightning with Indy Red and Black Metallic accents. Along with the FTR Carbon, the company’s premium FTR offering, the new Sport gets an upgraded four-inch round touchscreen display with navigation and Bluetooth connectivity. Both options offer three different ride modes: sport, standard, and rain, providing separate performance experiences for any riding condition. Pricing for the FTR lineup begins at $13,499.

For the rider looking for something more exclusive, Indian Motorcycle is also offering the chic,  new 2023 Indian Challenger Elite. This beauty will have Sapphire Blue Smoke paint with Black Smoke and Titanium Metallic Smoke accents. In a recent Business Wire press release, Indian Motorcycle shared more details on the new Challenger Elite. “The PowerPlus engine touts a best-in-class 122 horsepower and 128 ft-lbs of torque, and its premium amenities and advanced ride-enhancing technology deliver a ride experience that’s second-to-none. Indian Challenger Elite’s long list of premium features include the following: three selectable ride modes, electronically adjustable rear suspension preload from Fox®, Smart Lean Technology, an adaptive LED Headlight, LED driving lights, an adjustable flare windscreen, Select floorboards, heated grips, 6.5” Powerband Audio with Saddlebag Speakers, and a new Precision Cut five-spoke wheel.” But don’t get your hopes up, this snazzy new ride won’t come easy or cheap. There will only be 150 limited edition 2023 Indian Challenger Elite bikes available around the world with pricing starting at $35,999.

Other changes to the overall 2023 Indian Motorcycle line-up include stylish new color choices, a variety of functional accessories, and upgrades including two new bag options and comfort seat choices. Availability and shipping for 2023 will vary by model. For a complete break-down of the 2023 line-up with all the details of one of America’s most legendary and iconic brands, check out