To the public, the biker community is many things. Some things are not very positive, like the outlaw biker community portrayed in TV shows (Sons of Anarchy) and movies (Hells Angels on Wheels). But we here at know the true nature of the biker community is generous, caring, and focused on how they can help others as they enjoy the many benefits of motorcycle riding. Every year the motorcycle community here in Florida generates millions of dollars for charities and individuals throughout the state. The March of Dimes in Southwest Florida had the second-largest revenue-generating ride, “Bikers for Babies.” However, March of Dimes withdrew from all ride activities in the U.S. in 2019. The last March of Dimes “Bikers for Babies” event in Southwest Florida in 2019 had over one thousand participants raising hundreds of thousands of dollars. When the holiday season starts, there are enormous numbers of charity rides to benefit children’s hospitals, community charities, homeless veterans, toy runs, breast cancer, and many more worthy causes. This lesser-known aspect of the motorcycle community makes us here at FL so proud to serve this community, continuously provide updated event information, and support the many charitable activities of the biker community. Every weekend small and large biker groups do poker runs and other charitable rides to benefit individuals and families who have been affected financially by injury or illness. Follow this link to see some of the major charity motorcycle events in Floridaย We would love to hear from you and your motorcycle groups about any upcoming rides you have or other activities that we can help bring awareness. Please send your information to

The last March of Dimes โ€œBikers for Babiesโ€ event in Southwest Florida from 2019: