Even if you have the most souped up bike with the latest and greatest in technological advancements, there’s still plenty your phone can do that your bike just can’t. From improving your riding experience to connecting you with other riders, you’re not maximizing your phone’s potential to its fullest unless you’ve got an app or two specifically for riding. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 smart phone apps that every motorcycle rider needs. It doesn’t matter what you ride, who you ride with, or how often you ride… having these on your phone is going to take your riding experience to the next level.




The #1 Navigation App


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You’re probably thinking, “what’s wrong with the maps app I already have on my phone… or what about Google maps”? While those are great, what sets Waze apart is that it’s updated in the moment by other drivers. So if you’re wondering what’s causing all the mid-day traffic, Waze will let you know whether it’s a crash or construction. Plus, the Waze community updates for speed traps and police checkpoints too. Sure, we riders do a good job of keeping one another informed about cops up ahead, but what about when there’s no other riders to let you know? That’s where Waze comes in and that’s what really sets this navigation app apart, especially for motorcycle riders.




The #1 Social App

Eat Sleep Ride

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Just like Waze, this app is also free. But whereas Waze will help you get around town without getting a speeding ticket, Eat Sleep Ride is the perfect app for connecting you with other riders. It’s an all-in-one social platform, GPS, and tracking app that’ll track your rides (including details like speed and lean angle) as well as help you save your routes. It remembers exactly which roads you took, so if you ever take an unexpectedly beautiful ride that you want to go on again, it’ll save your route and let you access it at a later date. You can also download routes from other riders and engage with them directly on the app.


The app offers premium features, such as their crash-light service, for an additional cost. With this feature, the app will detect if you’ve had an accident and alert your friends and family of your location.




The #1 Maintenance App

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This is the app that true-blue riders absolutely NEED to have. Autosist isn’t as showy as some of the other apps, but it helps you keep track of your service, mileage, finance payments, MOT, taxes, and fuel costs in one easy place. The interface is easy to use and it’s incredibly handy to be able to access everything you could ever need to know about your bike at the drop of a hat. You can even scan documents (receipts, finance agreement, insurance, etc.) for easy access later and in case you lose the physical copies.




The #1 Weather App

Dark Sky
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Motorcycle riders need a little more detailed information about the weather than just “sunny 75 degrees”. What’s the wind like? How about 20 miles from here? That’s where Dark Sky comes in. It gives riders down-to-the-minute, hyper-local weather forecasts. Want to know the exact minute it’s going to start raining within a ten-mile radius? Dark Sky. Want to know within a 15-minute window when the winds are going to pick up from manageable to deadly? Dark Sky.

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The #1 Gas App

Gas Buddy
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Even when you’re not going for a ride on your hog, Gas Buddy is a great app to have to keep track of the best locations to fill up. It’ll show you where all the gas stations are on your route and, since it’s based on user reporting, you’ll get accurate information about prices at every single station on the way. Users can also lead reviews of gas stations so you’ll know if a toilet is broken or if there’s a full-service restaurant attached.

gas buddy.png




*Bonus: The Harley-Davidson Lifestyle App
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For those in the know, H-D’s official app is a great way to support the brand that created the love of your life. The App itself is similar to other motorcycle-centric apps like Rever (it offers ride planning, GPS, and detailed mapping functions, as well as making it quick and easy to locate nearby dealers no matter where you are), but what makes it unique is its ability to connect remotely to your motorcycle (only certain models). For those with newer models equipped with the capability, you’ll be able to view your bike’s vitals, access its security, track its location, and immediately get any service reminders or updates. It’s a must-have app for all dedicated Harley riders.

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