In Florida, we all anticipate the reduction in the incredible heat that frequently happens in September, cross your fingers. It is also a month, baring hurricanes (no more please), where there is a reduction in the daily rain. But the worst issue for bikers in September is the return of the dreaded lovebug. While lovebugs are a nuisance for everyone, they are especially annoying for bikers. When a lovebug smashes into your windshield or hood of your car, it can cause some significant damage if you don’t get them removed quickly. For bikers lovebugs eating into paint is just one issue, there is the added nuisance of the worst tasting bug on the planet. Every biker riding in September can tell you why birds do not eat lovebugs.

They. Taste. Awful.

That acidic blood that lovebugs are well known for adds a new level of discomfort to the occasional bug-in-the-mouth that all bikers experience. So, we are all hoping for a cooler, dryer month the joy is dampened by the return of lovebugs. September is an excellent month to avoid a lot of chatting when you’re riding down the road.

But hey, let’s look on the bright side, September also brings motorcycle event season!

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