It’s a proven fact that alcohol and motorcycles just don’t mix. Blood alcohol levels of any magnitude can impair a cyclist’s judgment and cripple their ability to react on the road.

Even at a blood alcohol level as low as 0.01%, the motorcycle rider becomes less critical of their own actions and mental relaxation begins to kick in.

Overall, having alcohol in your system increases the chance of a crash by five times. Forty-six percent of all motorcyclists killed in crashes have had alcohol in their systems.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has a strategy to help motorcycle riders maintain a certain level of safety in order to remain safe with the ability to respond to any kind of traffic situation that might arise. This strategy comes in the form of the acronym, SEE.

SEE stands for search, evaluation and execute. Riders should search for any hazards that might lead to a troubling situation. Evaluate those hazards in the event that a quick reaction is needed. Finally, the rider needs to execute the action to maintain the margin of safety.

Regardless of the situation, it is always best to refrain from drinking alcohol of any kind or quantity if you plan on operating any kind of motor vehicle.

Motorcycle riders that are far away from their destination who make the decision to drink should always wait until their blood alcohol level returns to zero, or lock up their hog and find another way to get home.

Remember, whatever you ride, ride safe.