For many motorcycle riders, riding as a group can be the epitome of the motorcycling experience. Riding in a pack can definitely be a fun time, but only if some cardinal rules are followed to ensure that it also remains a safe time.

Arrive Ready To Roll: Make sure you arrive on time to your group ride with a full tank of gas.

Management Is Key: Ideally, a manageable size for a group is five to seven riders. Make sure each rider is aware of the route, what rest stops the group plans to stop at, any gas stations along the way and hand signals. Each group should also have a defined leader and tail rider that understand each rider’s style.

Form and Function: Group riders should definitely try to avoid side-by-side riding formations because they reduce the amount of space that each motorcycle has for itself. The best type of formation to use when riding in a group is the staggered riding formation. This provides each rider with ample amount of riding space in the event that the rider has to react to a hazard.

Keep Cool and Have Fun: Try to periodically check riders behind you in your rearview mirrors. If you notice anyone falling behind, try to reduce your speed a bit to influence the group and give the straggler time to play catch up. Remember to abide by the rules of the road and, most importantly, have fun.