Towing a motorcycle is not as easy of an endeavor as it sounds. When it’s done properly, towing a motorcycle is safe and a great way of transporting a bike from one place to another without having to ride it.

Unsafe towing practices can lead to some pretty serious repercussions that include harm to your bike, and possibly harm to yourself or others.

Making A Connection: There are multiple different ways out there to connect a motorcycle for towing. Possibly the single most important rule of thumb when towing is to select a connection that meets the needs of your bike. You’ll need a trailer that will be able to hold the weight of your motorcycle that will connect to your vehicle.

Keep in mind that the motorcycle will require a minimum amount of balance to remain in an upright position. This means more than just wheeling the motorcycle onto a flatbed and kicking out the kickstand!

To keep the motorcycle from shifting during the trip you may want to invest in a motorcycle rail, which will help lock the bike in place. Although the rail will help your motorcycle from moving around, it won’t keep your bike from moving at all.

Try using towing straps to secure your bike to the trailer. These straps are usually made of nylon cords that are easily maneuverable around the bike.

Make sure that the straps are wrapped tightly around the frame and structure of the motorcycle to prevent any tipping during the trip.

Size Matters: Remember that you’ll need to account for the size of the trailer during your route. Just like when you’re towing a boat, the trailer is ultimately an extension of your vehicle.

If you have a trailer that is big enough for two motorcycles, the trailer might actually be wider than the car. Make sure you keep that in mind when you’re making turns and braking.

Safety First: Probably the most important tip that the experts here at FLBikers have to offer when towing a motorcycle is to drive safely and abide by the rules of the road. While there are many variables that can be controlled on a roadtrip, there will more that cannot be controlled. Make sure you’re aware of drivers around you, the weather you should expect on the route and check on your trailer throughout the trip.