In order to obtain a motorcycle license in the state of Florida a rider has to at least hold a regular Class E driver’s license. In the event that the motorcyclist is under 21-years-old proof of completion of a motorcycle safety course has to be presented to a dmv or tax collector office that issues the license.

For a temporary permit the Florida rider needs to be at least 21-years-old, hold at least a Class E license and pass the motorcycle knowledge test. This permit will not allow any passengers to ride with the license holder until the skill test is passed, or a safety course has been completed. A motorcycle endorsement must also be added to the license.

Unlike a typical truck or car, insurance isn’t required in the state of Florida for motorcycle riders although it is highly recommended. Typically if a motorcycle operator is charged in a crash with injuries, the owner is responsible for bodily injuries and property damage to the other party. If the operator does not have liability coverage, insurance must be purchased and held for three years to avoid a license suspension. Overall, it is always a great idea to purchase some kind of insurance as a motorcycle operator.

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