For those of you non-motorcycle riders on the road, keep in mind that the probability of cars and trucks outnumbering motorcycles is extremely high. First and foremost, it’s really important that as a motorist you are well aware of everything around you.

There are many scenarios where drivers don’t “recognize” a motorcycle and inadvertently ignore them. Be aware while driving that motorcycles might be in your blind spot, or somewhere in the vicinity, and be cognizant of this when you make turns and switch lanes.

Due to the small size of motorcycles, many motorists assume that a nearby rider is further away than it actually is. It is always better to assume that a motorcycle is closer than it appears.

Don’t assume that all motorcycle riders are speed demons, either. Most of us do follow the rules of the road!

With that said, when a motorcycle rider goes to slow down by downshifting, or rolling off the throttle, the brake light is not activated. Try to keep your distance when approaching a stop sign or yellow traffic light.

Understand that motorcycle riders often adjust their position within a lane to compensate for any effects of road debris and to maximize visibility. Don’t mistake this positioning for an open invitation to share the lane.

Possibly the most important tip that can be offered to a motorist is to look at a motorcycle in motion as a person rather than a vehicle.